Setup a Private Members Forum in ocPortal

ocPortal members only forumIf you are an owner or moderator for a large community such as a Games community or a Music community, then ocPortal has a great many features which you are likely to find very useful. ocPortal works extremely well as a base for a community website and a common task you may face is wanting to set up a private members area of the website.

The Members area may just be for people who you deem worthy, a group of people you specifically trust or have earned a special status of some sort, or may even be a paid subscription membership. This post won’t go in to setting up a subscription service but will detail how to set up a new usergroup and a private area of your website for them. Learn More

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Brand SilverStripe 2.4 Admin

For branding use this code lines in mysite/_config.php files: Learn More

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How Long Should Your WordPress Posts Be?

When helping out various bloggers, the question I often get is how long should my posts be? This is a great question that is answered a little differently depending on who you ask.

The Standard

After doing some research and reading a few posts, the standard length appears to be in the range of 250 – 1000 words. Some bloggers prefer even shorter posts, coming in under 600 words. There are a few things to consider when writing your posts, such as the SEO benefits. Learn More

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