Shipping Gateway You Could Use at TomatoCart Stores

At admin panel of TomatoCart stores, payment modules could be easily enabled. Currently there are six shipping modules available under admin>Modules:
Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Per Item, Table Rate, USPS(United State Postal Service) and Zone Rates.

Other payment gateway are developed and shared at Extension Manager at Learn More

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How to Change the PHP Version on Linux/cPanel Hosting

By default, our Linux accounts makes use of PHP 5.2 as not all scripts are compatible with higher PHP versions, However, If you wish to use a php version other than the default one then this blog was made for you.

To change php version for your account, you have two options:

1) You can change it using your .htaccess file.
For this, please see

Note: This can be done for just one domain or for the whole account. Learn More

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How to Conditionally Load Google Analytics in a Web Application

If you are a developer that uses Google Analytics in your web applications then you know that loading up the Google Analytics in your web page should not happen when you are building the application. In the past I have always just commented out the section for Google Analytics until publishing the site. Then I would go in and uncomment the lines. This works if you do not forget to uncomment the lines in production. (This happened to me).

I decided that there had to be a better way to automatically do this. After searching the internet and pulling together prior knowledge of how an web site works I decided to use the web.config to help me. First add the following lines to your web.config production transformation file. (See here if you do not understand the transformation idea).
Learn More

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