What is Silex?

A French project which has a future!

Great to know, but what is it exactly?

Silex is a software, used to produce flash websites directly in the browser.

It is free, open-source, seo friendly and can be used to publish multimedia content on the web very quickly.

Who can use it? Learn More

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Warning About Facebook Style Themes for Elgg 1.8

There are available at least 3 Facebook styles themes for Elgg 1.8 Such themes give a different look to your Elgg network, however it has some issues. In this article I will discuss about the issues with the Facebook style themes in Elgg 1.8

I’ve been testing three of the Facebook themes:

-Facebook Theme

-Cool Theme

-My Ultimate Cool Theme

During my test I found several bugs or errors that made the Elgg installation behave in a bad way. Learn More

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How to Install TomatoCart on Your Arvixe Web Server

This article is written for the Arvixe users who wish to install TomatoCart Opensource Shopping Cart on their web server.


TomatoCart Open Source Shopping Cart can be installed on any PHP enabled web server that can connect to a MySQL database such as Arvixe.

  • PHP
  • MySQL Database Server


TomatoCart Opensource Shopping Cart is compatible with PHP 4 and PHP 5. For performance and security reasons, it is recommended to use the latest PHP 5 version on your web server. The following PHP options are recommended to be set in the php.ini configuration file: Learn More

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