Streamlining Drupal Administration UI

After much work of using Drupal as a developer and also site administrator I find I’ve used a handful of modules on nearly every site because they offer a key feature that no other module comes close to competing with. For administrating Drupal from a website I highly recommend the following 3 modules:

Module Filter Learn More

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Enabling e-gifts in phpFox

This article will show you how to enable e-gifts in your phpFox based website.

The e-gift module in phpFox allows your members to send gifts with their messages to other members. You can set this up so that these gifts can only be sent on birthdays, or on an everyday basis. You can also set that these gifts are free, or cost money to send.

To setup the e-gifts you first need to create Categories, in your admincp select Modules > Egift > Manage Categories. Learn More

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Using Themes in SilverStripe

Themes are one way to make your SilverStripe website as customized as you want! There are tons of themes to choose from, and you can easily change them around to your liking. To use themes in SilverStripe, follow these steps: Learn More

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