OpenCart – PHP Basics Part 1 (Variables)

Opencart is an open source shopping cart application that is designed by means of MVC-L (Model-View-Control-Language). PHP is the server side scripting language that the entire cart is made up of. In this series we will discuss some PHP basics and how it relates to Opencart.

Variables Learn More

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Improve Popup Cart Feature in TomatoCart

In the default glass gray template of TomatoCart, it is necessary to click the popup cart to show it. And the popup cart can’t be closed automatically when the customer’s mouse leave out it. So, I have improved the popup cart feature as follows:

— When the customer put the mouse on the popup cart, the popup cart will be displayed automatically.

— When the customer put the mouse on the popup cart, the cart contents will not be closed automatically unless the customer’s mouse leave from it. Learn More

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Adding Custom Meta Tags to Specific URLs in phpFox

This article will show you how to add custom meta tags to specific URLs in your phpFox website.

To improve SEO for your site, you may find that you need to add more meta keywords and descriptions for some of your site’s content. phpFox has made this easy to do via the admincp!

Login to your admincp, and select Tools > SEO > Custom Meta Tags. Learn More

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