How to Limit the Number of Videos That Can Be Uploaded in a Day in Clip-Bucket v2.6


A couple of days ago, a user at the forum asked how to limit the amount of videos that can be uploaded in a day; looking at the script I found the tweak was very simple to do, so I am writing an article for all of you that would like to limit the videos to X per day. Tested in Clip-Bucket v2.6.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Back up upload.php, located in ./*

2. Open upload.php Learn More

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nopCommerce Tips: Your First NopCommerce Site, Part 2: Customizing Your nopCommerce Store

Learn all about setting up a nopCommerce project in Part 1!

I’ve been using nopCommerce for my e-commerce clients since their 1.4 release. To say that it’s progressed significantly since then (version 2.5 as of this writing) is an understatement of epic proportions. The improvements in functionality and usability have been amazing, and it just keeps getting better. One of the most significant additions to nopCommerce has been the introduction of plugins and widgets. With these additions, your ability to customize your nopCommerce application is expanded immensely. With free and premium plugins/widgets available, as well as the ability to select custom themes, you’ll find that customizing nopCommerce is amazingly painless.

Let’s start with the best way to find plugins, widgets and themes for nopCommerce; the website. Under the Extensions section of the site, you’ll see that all extensions (themes, plugins and widgets) are organized by type and version of nopCommerce supported. For this instance, we’ll choose 2.5, the version we’re currently working with. Learn More

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How to Connect to a FTP Server with an Android Device


You’ve probably wondered if there was a way to transfer files between your server and your mobile device on the road, where no computer is available. Well, this will definitely solve that. You will learn how to transfer files between a FTP server and your Android device with a free app called: AndFTP.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Download and install the app from the Android Market. Learn More

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