Understanding the Layer/Sub-Layer Concept in Silex

A Silex publication, whatever kind, is made up of layers and sub-layers (if you know Photoshop and Illustrator for example, it is the same principle).


Each layer has necessarily one sub-layer. You can’t dissociate them.

Illustration: Learn More

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How to Restart Application Pool in WebsitePanel

The Application pool enables the isolation of your web application for better security, reliability, and availability. In this article I will give a step by step guide on How to restart Application Pool in WebsitePanel

1. Sign into your WebsitePanel

2. Click on Websites: Learn More

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How to Add Facebook Like Box to Joomla

The Facebook like box is a good tool to increase traffic to your Joomla site. However sometimes is a little tricky to add it. In this article I will give demonstrate how to customize your Joomla website to add a “Facebook Like Box”.

1. First we went to “Like Box” section of “social plugins” “Facebook Developers“.

2 .We edit the features of our “Like Box” and we click on “get code” to get the code you need: Learn More

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