[WHMCS] Email Marketer

It might be useful to use the email marketer to provide a more personal approach to your company by automating emails every now and again (For example: a feedback email once the client has been registered for 2 weeks etc…).

Step 1: Creating an email template (The email that will be sent out to your clients) Learn More

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Limit Friends Shown in the User Channel in Clip-Bucket v2


If you want to set a limit of how many friends are shown in each user channel, then keep reading this article. The question was originally posted at the Clip-Bucket forum and answered there by me, so I asked myself ‘why don’t you write an article about this?’ This article is tested to work in v2.6, but the essence is the same for any CB version or any Smarty powered template. See the following image to see the listing we are going to limit. Learn More

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OpenCart – PHP Basics Part 2 (DB CONNECT)

Your Opencart store is built upon an MVCL framework. The framework is useless without a Database to access. The Database holds all of the product, store, order, and customer information along with localisation characteristics such as language and currency. Most of these parameters are held in a setting string. This article covers the basics in how Opencart connects to the database with PHP. Opencart uses a couple files to take care of the connection.

First, let’s give you a classic barebones example of a PHP DB CONNECT: Learn More

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