Hide the Article Author in Joomla 3.0

This article is about hiding author’s information in Joomla 3.0. By default, Joomla displays author information like this:


If you want to hide this information, follow these steps: Learn More

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WordPress: Use Twitter

Tweet Your Posts

Whenever you write a new post, you can make a tweet promoting it. There are even tools out their such as the Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress that will do this automatically. I think it is a great way to kick start your new posts and get a few visitors right off the bat. Learn More

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Upload Large File for Download Products in TomatoCart

Some TomatoCart community user’s blame it is always failed to upload the large file for the download product in the admin panel:

When I try to upload any of them to the product listing it never completes. When I click save and continue or submit the please wait box pops up and shows the loading progress bar but the file never uploads and the uploading status box just keeps showing progress. at first I though maybe it would take some time since all the zips are around 120mb in size but I have left it bee and it has been 16 hours now and it should have completed by now.

Learn More

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