SocialEngine4: Add Like Heart

If you want to add a heart icon in front of the name of the person who likes something in the wall then do the following steps.

Open theme.css Learn More

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Prestashop 101 Day 16 – Employees and Languages

Time to expand our business to the rest of the world! But to do this we will need to add other employees and languages to our shop. Luckily, Prestashop saves us the day again providing easy ways to do both things!

Running time: 15 mins
Prestashop version:

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Using MODX Outside of MODX

Did you ever wish you could use some of MODX’s capabilities in a script running outside of MODX? Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to use $modx->getChunk() to get some content or $modx->runSnippet() to use a utility snippet. It’s also handy to be able to get and manipulate various MODX objects like Resources, Users, Templates, Chunks, and TVs in a script without having to create a snippet inside MODX to do it.

I end up writing a fair number of extras and utility scripts that can run both inside and outside MODX, so I’ve had to develop a fairly reliable method for instantiating the $modx object in a way that keeps things from falling apart. When I need MODX outside of MODX, I use some variation of the following code. You can put the code directly in your PHP file or use include to pull it in. Learn More

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