WordPress: Make Some Money

1. Freelance Writing

One of the first things I started doing after I started blogging, was freelancing writing. There are literally tons of jobs available writing for all different types of sources. Some companies hire article writers, while others are looking for actual bloggers. Learn More

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Zip a File Using vb.net

Sometimes in a web site you might need the user to upload a zipped file for space issues but the user can’t or doesn’t know how.  You might want to conserve space on the server if you have a lot of images.  This is also a good way to keep Google from indexing your images from their search.  In another article I will show you how to unzip or uncompress but today here is how you can zip an uploaded file. I found a similar article but it was in c#. Learn More

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Protecting Pages by Age in MODX

A MODX user wanted to create user groups who could only see pages of a certain age. The “Zero” User Group could see all pages. The “Sixty” User Group could only access pages that were more than 60 days old. The “Ninety” User Group could only see pages that were more than 90 days old. Learn More

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