An Introduction to Concrete5

More than a simple “website builder,” Concrete5 is a full featured content management system (CMS) that many loyal users would never do without! It features a very intuitive “in-context editing” which, simply put, means you are able to edit the website page without leaving it. It’s fast, intuitive to use, and highly flexible. Learn More

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Authenticate Emails in ASP.NET Using SMTP

Nowadays, you need to enable SMTP authentication for all emails send from your hosting account. It is easy to enable SMTP in case if you make use of e-mail clients such as Outlook. However, you should provide the required authentication code if you attempt to send an e-mail through ASP.NET web form. Learn More

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Tailoring Content Creation in Drupal

Drupal 7 has many powerful components to retrieve and store your custom data. Such custom data could be Car Models, News Items, Calendar Events, School Courses, a Yahoo Answers Question and Answer commentary board, a Product Showcase, etc. The core pieces of Drupal that help to define this data and the pieces that comprise them are Entities and Fields. When we make a Content Type Drupal presents the user with a generic CRUD interface generated from the FieldUI. How can we customize these types of input forms to better suite your client? How can we optimization their presentation, and interaction?

To answer these questions we can look to Drupal Core functions, and then Community Modules built to enhance core Drupal functionality.

Drupal Core Functions Learn More

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