How to Install Elgg 1.8 with Softaculous

Elgg 1.8 is out now! Several users were asking if it was going to be available through our auto installers or that if we were going to support it. Yes, we have full support for Elgg 1.8 and it is available in our auto installers! In this article, I will show you how to install Elgg 1.8 with Softaculous. Sign into your Website Panel and follow these steps:

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mojoPortal Tips: How To Add A Front-Page Rotator in 15 Minutes

Quite often, a client will want to be able to add a “featured content” rotator to their website, with little or no time to create a custom module. With mojoPortal, you do not have to do any custom programming at all; with a bit of CSS, the built-in HTML Content module, and your favorite graphics editor, you can create and add a rotator to your mojoPortal installation in no time at all. Here is how it is done! Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: The Shopping Cart, Part 1

Out of the box, mojoPortal really is a Swiss army knife of an application; you can use it for blogging, forums, articles, scheduling, and most other needs a small-to-medium business might have. It even has a basic e-commerce capability. While I do not recommend it for customers who are primarily retail, and already have a substantial product line to sell online, it is perfectly serviceable for an entry-level e-commerce presence. Learn More

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