How to Block IP Addresses on Linux Using .htaccess

Sometimes you may want to block certain people from visiting your site. They may be trying to guess your password or maybe you simply do not want them to have access to your website. On a Linux plan, this can be handled easily via .htaccess.

In your public_html file should be a file called .htaccess (if there isn’t one, you can simply create an empty file named .htaccess

Open this file in a text editor and at the top of the file insert the following: Learn More

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How to Enable Debug Mode in phpFox

This article will focus on enabling debug mode in phpFox.

There may be times that you will find that something is not working correctly on your phpFox website, at these times you will want to enable the debug mode so that you can find out where the issue may be.

There are two ways to enable debug, the first is via the admincp, the second is by uploading a file to your server. Learn More

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How to Make the Blog Title Accept More than 32 Characters in SocialEngine 4

Here’s a little tutorial on how to change from the default 32 characters in blog title to a larger value , say 64.
By default , in SE 4.1.4 a blog title can have a maximum of 32 characters , and if a title with more than 32 characters is entered , it will be accepted , but when viewing the blog , the title will be truncated to 32 characters.
To fix this (and also for the forum ) do the following :

Edit this —- Learn More

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