How to Manage MySQL Databases Remotely

It is possible to manage MySQL databases using PHPMyAdmin but it has limitations. You will not be able to execute huge databases since it will cause timeouts. Hence, it is advisable to make use of remote MySQL client software such as SQLyog.

With the help of SQLyog, you will be able to execute and manage MySQL databases from within your computer.

For Linux hosting, you should first add your IP address by following the steps below Learn More

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Sending Mail Through SMTP in Dolphin 7.1

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’ll show you how to use the “SMTP Mailer” module with your Dolphin 7.1 website. Before we begin, we need to install the module. A step by step guide on installing the Dolphin 7.1 base modules can be found here.

Once we have the module installed, we can access the settings by clicking “SMTP Mailer” under the “Modules” menu on the left side of the admin screen. From this screen, we can configure the mailer to our current server settings. Learn More

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Getting Help: How to Ask for Assistance with MODX

I’ve written thousands of posts replying to people asking for help on the MODX Forums. I thought I would give a little advice based on my experience. The examples are specific to MODX, but the advice applies to any situation where you’re asking for technical help on any Forum, in a support ticket, filing a bug, or anywhere else.

Let’s assume that your goal is to get a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time. A nice secondary goal is to maximize the efficiency of the people answering your question so they can answer more questions and get back to you faster the next time you need help. Let’s also assume that the average time it takes to get an answer is at least a few hours. Learn More

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