Create Forums in phpBB

Hello everyone today I am going to teach you how to add what are called Forums in phpbb. These are the same for any forum but phpBB calls them forums not categories. So here I will discuss how to add a basic Forum to well your forum.

First off go ahead and log into your forum and scroll to the bottom and click Admin. Once you are brought into your Admin section, you will click forums: Learn More

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Change Webmail Timezone


Today we will show you how to change the timezone for your webmail. This blog post will cover SquirrelMail, RoundCube and Horde.

SquirrelMail Learn More

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Migrate Module for Drupal: Intro For Beginners

This blog post is the first of a small series of posts discussing the Migrate module, typical use cases and tips when using Migrate.

Most websites or E-commerce websites require us to take data from a legacy source and move it into Drupal. Eg, make our old content into Drupalized content fully integrated as Nodes, Users, Files or Fields. Learn More

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