Adding New Fields to the PrestaShop Contact Form

In this tutorial, we will see how to enhance the default Prestashop contact form by adding new fields, so that it can accommodate all our needs (present and future).

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Optimizing Your ASP Application

You can apply certain rules to web.config that will help optimizing your ASP.NET website and making it load faster. In this article I will show you some tricks on how to give a little boost to your ASP Application Learn More

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Show a Drop-Down List for the Template Field in MODX NewsPublisher

In the last article, we discussed how to show a drop-down list of parent names in NewsPublisher using a template. You might have wondered if you can do the same thing for the Resource’s Template. You can, but the technique is slightly different. Obviously, you can’t use a Resource List TV, since Templates are not Resources, but with a slight modification to the TV, it will work fine. Learn More

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