nopCommerce Tips: Creating a Virtual Gift Card

Gift cards are a huge part of today’s retail world; one thing that it does for your e-commerce presence is give you “cash before the sale”, which in turn, can allow you to provide a better range of merchandise for your customers. nopCommerce supports the ability to generate unique gift cards, and activate them.

Log into your nopCommerce site as an admin, and navigate to the administration section of the site. Under “Sales”, select “Gift Cards”. Click “Add New”, and then fill out the fields. If you’re testing this for the first time, unclick “Is gift card activated”. Once all other fields are filled out, click “Save and Continue Edit”; you’ll now see a “Creation Date”, and “Is recipient notified”, which by default is false. You’ll also see a button that’s labeled “Notify recipient”; once you click that, nopCommerce will generate an e-mail to the recipient of the gift card. Learn More

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The Reason Why the Product Price is Always Zero in Your TomatoCart Site

Some users reported that the product price stays zero, whether changed or not.

Question from the community:

Hello I have just one question, if I set my price for the product(the price)is not displayed on the website and in the products list. Learn More

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How to Block IP Addresses on ASP Plans Using Remote IIS Manager

Sometimes you may want to block certain people from visiting your site. They may be trying to guess your password or maybe you simply do not want them to have access to your website. On an ASP plan, this can be handled easily via Remote IIS Manager.

First, download and Install IIS Remote Manager. Then, make a remote IIS Management username by use the “Management” tab in your control panel. The tab is located under the website properties of the website you wish to manage. Then connect to your webspace using IIS Remote Manager.

You can read more about installing IIS Remote Manager and connecting here Learn More

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