How to Conditionally Load Google Analytics in a Web Application

If you are a developer that uses Google Analytics in your web applications then you know that loading up the Google Analytics in your web page should not happen when you are building the application. In the past I have always just commented out the section for Google Analytics until publishing the site. Then I would go in and uncomment the lines. This works if you do not forget to uncomment the lines in production. (This happened to me).

I decided that there had to be a better way to automatically do this. After searching the internet and pulling together prior knowledge of how an web site works I decided to use the web.config to help me. First add the following lines to your web.config production transformation file. (See here if you do not understand the transformation idea).
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Silex Contributor of the Month

Pascal Roë d’Albert is long-time active member of the Silex community and he has been nominated as the contributor of the month.

Carte pascal

Pascal is a freelance web designer who works with Silex since the first version. He used Silex to design his own website, and he also use it to sell website to his clients (you’ll find below two examples of website designed by Pascal by using Silex). Learn More

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What Payment Gateways are Supported by TomatoCart?

TomatoCart software supports very simple and easy ways of payment, such as payment by Cheque, Cash on delivery, Wire Card (credit card, EFT), Bank Wire.

It also integrates third party payment gateway modules into back end, listed below: Learn More

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