An Introduction to ocPortal

ocPortal LogoI thought as a first blog post relating to ocPortal it would be beneficial to give a brief overview of ocPortal. Part two will be a tour of the main adminzone screens to help new users find their way around.  ocPortal has a large amount of bundled features and this is one of its biggest strengths. Having these features included in the software from the start gives ocPortal a distinct advantage over other Content management systems (CMS).

One of the advantages is that all of the main features of your ocPortal website will be coded in the same manner, which means making changes is easier to understand. Because all of the features are coded to the same standards, you can be more confident of the security of the software and its standards compliance. Learn More

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OpenCart – Basics of Launching a Successful Business on the Web

Clearly, a complete 1,000 page book could be written on how to maximize your chances for success on the web with your online business. This will just cover the basics in how it relates to using the OpenCart software. In a general way we will look at some of best practices out there that have been used and are continuing to be used as well as those things to shy away from.

Opencart can be used for many genres of online commerce, not just as shopping cart. Its MVC-L is very light weight and flexible and can be scaled up or down and/or customized to fit any platform or idea. However, the majority of people that download Opencart are using it for a shopping cart in effort to sell goods whether virtual/digital or physical. Learn More

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