Apply Rules to Existing Contents in Alfresco

When you add rules to a space that already contains content, the rules are not applied to the existing content by default. You must reapply the rules to that space to ensure the existing content is included.

  1. Navigate to the space whose content rules you want to manage. Learn More
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Exploring Licensed Add-Ons and Your Concrete5 Project Page has a “license management” interface built in for each of your C5 sites you wish to associate with it. This Project page helps you keep track of assigned licenses, collaborate with other users (and be able to share their licenses) and is the interface that monitors your add-ons so that you are notified on your website when updates are available. When you initially connect to the community (see my screen-cast “Connecting to the Concrete5 Community”) your project page is automatically created and will look similar to this. Learn More

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Adding New Fields to the PrestaShop Contact Form

In this tutorial, we will see how to enhance the default Prestashop contact form by adding new fields, so that it can accommodate all our needs (present and future).

Introduction Learn More

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