WordPress: Stop Spam Comments

By default all links posted in the comments under your articles are turned by WordPress into links.

Unfortunately, this features encourages spammers to post many unwanted comments in your blog. Learn More

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TomatoCart Repository – Migration to GitHub

Since TomatoCart repository is migrated to the Github from Google Svn, you have to access the repository with Git. I prefer to work with Git and Eclipse. This article discusses how to set up and use eGit (the Eclipse version of Git) with Eclipse Standard 4.3.

Installing Eclipse with PHP and Git Learn More

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Ban and Delete Spam Users in phpBB

So Spam users and spammers in general are a great pain in the butt for users of all community software’s this is no exception with phpBB. Today I will show you how to find those spammers and ban and delete them from your forum.  “I have anti spammer plugins or mod’s or anything of the sort enabled on my forum how do they still get through?” Well spammers are getting smarter and they are now usually real people so they can now bypass your anti-spammer mods and plugins. So sometimes you have to go in and edit yourself.  Not too much of a problem to be honest! Learn More

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