How to Restart Application Pool in WebsitePanel

The Application pool enables the isolation of your web application for better security, reliability, and availability. In this article I will give a step by step guide on How to restart Application Pool in WebsitePanel

1. Sign into your WebsitePanel

2. Click on Websites: Learn More

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How to Add Facebook Like Box to Joomla

The Facebook like box is a good tool to increase traffic to your Joomla site. However sometimes is a little tricky to add it. In this article I will give demonstrate how to customize your Joomla website to add a “Facebook Like Box”.

1. First we went to “Like Box” section of “social plugins” “Facebook Developers“.

2 .We edit the features of our “Like Box” and we click on “get code” to get the code you need: Learn More

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How to Make Money On WordPress With This Plugin

WordPress is great for multi-users and for creating blog sites. But what if you want to monetize it so you can charge for subscriptions? There are some plugins available, this one we found to be not only free, but fully featured. Of all the ones tested, this was the most complete out-of-the-box, and had the most documentation, with over 50 help videos. The documentation is excellent, but I found the first few steps to be time consuming with trial and error. Here is a quick-start guide to s2Member:

Step 1: Installation

Installation is the same simple installation that all the WordPress plugins use. Go to “Add New” under the Plugin section of the administrator dashboard. Search for s2Member®. Choose to install it and it’s done. The s2Member menu will be added to the dashboard: Learn More

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