nopCommerce Tips: How to Get Help With nopCommerce Issues

nopCommerce is an amazingly robust open-source e-commerce system; however, with so many features, it’s easy to get in over your head. Let’s go over all the ways you can get help on your nopCommerce solution.

Let’s start with your resources here at you’ll find nopCommerce tutorials on a wide array of nopCommerce-related topics. If you don’t find any tutorials on a topic you need help with, shoot me a line, and I’ll research it and get an answer for you. Learn More

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How to Efficiently Count Records of an SQL Table with PHP


For the last website I made, I created a really flexible and friendly administration panel where there were a lot of statistics to analyze how the website was performing. I came across different ways of counting records in a table, yet stuck with this one, the most efficient:

The query is really simple, we will use SELECT COUNT(1), then mysql_fetch_row() that count. The code would look like this: Learn More

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