OpenCart – Privacy Policy (Do I Need One?)

Many Opencart owners that run online ecommerce shops just avoid the Privacy Policy mostly because they have no idea what it is for or what is supposed to go in it. We see this time and time again and are here to tell you that it is SUPER important to have one. If you are not sure what is supposed to go in it, this article will guide you with a few pointers. Just remember, peoples’ privacy is very important so let’s protect that the best way we can!

Privacy Policy Basics Learn More

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How to Find Out Where Your SQL is Hosted

Do you require a script to install a database for you?

Are you faced with a problem of knowing it location?

Here is a quick guide on how to find the location of your SQL Database.

This Guide is based around CPanel but the instruction are very much the same for other Control Panels. Learn More

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How to Add a New SEO URL (Rewrite Rule) in Clip-Bucket v2


Today I will show you how to add a new Rewrite Rule to your Clip-Bucket powered website, such as /myaccount, /videos, etc. You must have a page previously created, of course. This can be adapted to any website that uses Rewrite Rules (apache mod_rewrite).


1. Let’s say you have a page called my_earnings.php, and you regularly access it by going to http://yoursite.tld/my_earnings.php and we want the SEO URL to just be /myearnings. Learn More

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