[WHMCS] Banning Free Email Domains

A lot of spammers use free email services to signup to services so sometimes it is good to ban these (Though probably not a good idea to ban the more popular ones such as Gmail).

To ban a free email domain service go to: Learn More

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What Makes Alfresco Best of Breed OpenSource CMS

Alfresco a Java Based Open Source Content Management System is giving stiff competition to its proprietary competitors like Documentum, SharePoint, Oracle UCM etc… who are dominating players in the ECM Market.

There are various Concrete reasons which makes Alfresco more in most of the requirements. Learn More

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Why is JQuery AJAX Sending a GET Instead of a POST?

If I take the same amount of time writing this article as I did finding the problem, then this article would probably be 50,000 words long.  However; I also know that articles are supposed to help individuals quickly solve problems and be enjoyable to read therefore; I had to adjust accordingly.  I found this solution after hours on the internet trying to solve a problem that was created when I upgraded the jquery library from 1.6.1 to 1.8.3.  I cannot prove (yet) that Jquery ultimately caused this problem but I can say that when I use any development tool at my disposal I see something quite interesting.  Let’s play a game of what’s different.  Look at following two sets of code and tell me what is different between them.  There is a lot of other code but this is what is important. Learn More

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