How to Remove the phpFox Branding

This article will focus on how to remove the phpFox branding that is enabled by default in phpFox.

phpFox offers branding removal for a one-time fee of $49.  You have the option of purchasing this when you make your initial purchase of your phpFox license, or you can purchase it at a later date.

If you purchase it with your license purchase, you can take care of the branding removal when you install phpFox (as well as when you upgrade phpFox) on the Verification page as seen below. Learn More

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How to Set Your Template as Default in Joomla

After installing a template, you need to set it as default to use it in your site. In this article I will show you how to set a template as default in Joomla

  1. Sign into your Joomla site as an admin
  2. In the Joomla Control Panel, click on the ‘Template Manager’ icon  Learn More
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How to Backup Your WordPress

The WP-DB-Backup plugin makes performing backups as simple as clicking a few links in the admin panel. Even simpler, it can be set to automatically perform back-ups at set time intervals and email the zipped files to you. To manually do backups you would need to access phpMyAdmin on your server and select the database and individually select each table, select the correct set of options, export the tables, etc., etc…. If you’re a tech geek and don’t know yet how to do this you can find all the steps to do that here.

Using the Backup Plugin Learn More

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