Use OVA with PakPlayer in Clip-Bucket v2


Maximize your earnings by implementing advertisements while your video is playing on your video player! The OVA plugin gives you the ability to run ad code during video playback by calling it from an external Ad Server. Learn more about the plugin here. Keep reading here to learn how to implement it in your own website! Tested under CB v2.6, yet should work for the whole v2 branch. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Change Online Widget Refresh Time

By default the members online list cache is set to 20 minutes, that means, a user can go offline and remains in the members online widget for 20 minutes. It is annoying and confusing, because, if you use the chat footer, you see that the member is online but not showing in chat, he might have left. The list should be refreshed by ajax, but since it´s not, here´s the controller: Learn More

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Adding the Compare Button to the Product Page in PrestaShop

In this tutorial, we will see how easy it is to add the compare button to the product page, by only adding a couple of lines to the tpl and using a lightweight override

  • Version used: Prestashop

Understanding how the “Compare” feature works Learn More

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