Here Comes OxWall 1.6!

There won’t be Oxwall 1.5.4

… because there will be Oxwall 1.6.

Credit for the blog post goes to Emil of the oxwall development team.

Per our stated schedule, at this moment we should be preparing Oxwall 1.5.4 – a minor maintenance build with a few bugfixes. We decided to not release it and continue working on more important things. By skipping what can wait, we will not be distracted from what cannot wait at all – Oxwall 1.6. Learn More

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Block Malicious Bots and Spiders in web.config

Search engines bots, crawlers and spiders helps your site getting discovered by users. However, some search engines are very aggressive and consume a lot of server bandwidth. And sometimes, bots and spiders can be malicious and try to extract sensitive data. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on How to block malicious bots and spiders in web.config

1. Open the web.config file of your site or ASP application

2. Look for the <security> tag: Learn More

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Set Up Short URL’s in ocPortal

Zone Code NameMost Website users expect easy to read website URLs which help a great deal with Search Engine Optimisation so this ‘How To’ deals with how to set up the Short URLs when using ocPortal. Short URLs are easier to remember and follow than having code numbers for pages. There are two options for short URL’s built in to ocPortal. Whichever option you want to use requires the same initial process. Learn More

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