Editing the Email Templates in Dolphin 7.1.4

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog we’ll discuss how to change the email templates in your Dolphin 7.1.4 website. To access the default templates simply log into your Dolphin admin and select “Email Templates” under the “Settings” sub-menu on the left. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Hide First and Last Name

It is very common that, in an effort to protect privacy, an administrator will have users who only want to be displayed by their usernames.
In order to change SocialEngine 4 from showing the first and last names by default, do the follow: Learn More

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WordPress: Change Site URL

Sometimes you may need to change the URL of your WordPress site.

For example, it is a common practice to develop the new version of your site in a subfolder and when it is ready to move it into your root directory.

WordPress, however, relies on its URL settings to work correctly. Learn More

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