Add a Preroll Video to PakPlayer in Clip-Bucket and Increase Earnings


Monetize your website by implementing pre-roll video advertisements on your PakPlayer! Offer sponsors to put their video ads at the beginning of your videos and increase your earnings! This was tested under CB v2.6, yet it should work on the whole v2 branch. Keep reading to learn how you can become nearly* as rich as YT!

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SQL Backup Script

When backing up your site do you ever find that your database fails to backup due to its size? Well now you have no need to worry about that with this simple open sourced software all your worries will be long gone with My SQL Dumper.

What is MySQLDumper? Learn More

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TomatoCart v1.1.8.1 to v1. Upgrade Guide

The upgrade guide is a step-by-step tutorial to help users to upgrade TomatoCart v1.1.8.1 to v1. If you had customized the core code, please don’t apply these changes because the upgrade action may override your modifications. So, it is strongly recommended not to touch the core code. Otherwise, the featured upgrade will be very difficult. For the v2.0, you could freely customized the code because the customized code and core code could be separated in the system framework. This is the key reason why we have to implement the v2.0. Learn More

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