Configuring MAIL with PEAR and PHPMAILER


I am going to describe hereunto the different steps you would need to take in order to allow the mail system that we have, and your scripts to work together. The current system uses SMTP authentication, more secure and aimed at preventing the effects and consequences from spammers. This is aimed at Windows users mainly.


There are 2 popular ways of doing it. One is using the PEAR library and the other is using another application called PHP MAILER.

The PEAR library

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mojoPortal install using MS SQL Server

has excellent installation documentation available here.  However that documentation is not specific to installing your mojoPortal CMS  on Arvixe into your own ASP Hosting package.
Lets get started.

Download the latest mojoPortal deployment files here.
Once there, simply click on a Download image button like this
and the latest version of mojoPortal (about 20 Meg) will start downloading.

On your PC copy the downloaded file into a new empty folder and extract it’s zipped content.
The contents of the folder will look like this.

To install mojoportal we need all the folder and files inside the this wwwroot folder to be copied to the server.  That’s almost 8,000 files and we are only concerned with editing one.  Before we do that lets first Login to your Arvixe Control Panel and create your mojoPortal MS SQL database and User, because we need that database information to edit the file.

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Populating Elgg Registration Page

The registration page is where your new users register in your site. It has the basics fields like user, email, password, etc. But now, what if you want to put right next to registration form the Terms of use or some kind of notice or news?  Follow this tutorial to find that out.

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