How to Activate a Plugin for a Silex Publication

It’s quite simple to activate a plugin for your publications using Silex. You just have to connect to your Silex Manager and follow these instructions.

▪               Select <Manage> section Learn More

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How to Add Snow Effects To Your SocialEngine Website

As Christmas and winter are just around the corner, why not add some snow to your SocialEngine Site or any site you run

This is a JavaScript-driven snow effect that can be easily added to any web pages.

It is free for use, and easy to set up.
A single JavaScript file provides the functionality required.
No images are used for the snow effect. Learn More

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Creating PDF (or any other file type) from SQL Reporting Services using .WSDL (VS2012) Part 1

Over the years I have built several SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports. Many of them have been designed, created, and deployed inside the standard SSRS folders structure. However; a couple of years ago I had a client wanting to access the report while inside a web application. They didn’t want to leave the application to run the report and they wanted it to look and feel as part of the application.

At first the request did not seem that difficult, after all Arvixe has all of this technology and it seemed to be straight forward. Just start a new project, add a new reference, and start coding, Right? However; I should have known that when things seem simple there is always a fly in the ointment. The next couple of articles will take you from beginning to end in using a reporting services .wsdl to generate reports from within a web application. (I will not go over the actual creation of the report.) Learn More

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