Do You Really Need an F.A.Q.?

Many of us can relate to this partial conversation I had with a client several months ago.

Client: “Oh by the way, I am also going to need a F.A.Q.” Learn More

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Custom Filterable Reports – SilverStripe CMS

To keep this simple I am going to give users the ability to assign a colour to each page on the site and then generate a report of any pages on the site that have been assigned a particular colour.

1. Setting Up. First you need to add an Enum storing some colours to the Page class and add a new dropdown field to allow the user to select the colour on each page. mysite/code/Page.php Learn More

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Setting Favicon in Elgg 1.8

On a previous article I demonstrated how to do set a favicon in elgg, however such plug-in will not work on more recent version of elgg 1.8, because it wasn’t properly coded and had conflicts with several themes and plug-ins. In this article I will show you how to set up the updated favicon plug-in in elgg 1.8

1. Download myfavicon plugin for elgg 1.8 Learn More

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