How to Disable YouTube Related Videos in phpFox

This article will show you how to disable the “YouTube related videos” when a YouTube video is shared on your phpFox website.

By default, when a video is shared on your phpFox website via YouTube, YouTube shows related videos at the end of viewing the video.  You can disable this related videos with a simple change in the admincp.

Login to your admincp, and type related in the search box in the top right of the admincp.  Select the Disable YouTube Related Videos Global Setting. Learn More

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Prevent Malicious Bots/Spiders From Accessing Your Site Using .htaccess

There are various types of bots and spiders that transverse sites for different reasons. Among them activities such as email harvesting and other malicious activity. By using a .htaccess file, you can block the majority of well know malicious bots.

Bad bots typically ignore the wishes of your robots.txt file, so you’ll want to ban them using means such as .htaccess. The trick is to identify a bad bot. Below is a useful code block you can insert into .htaccess file for blocking a lot of the known bad bots and site rippers currently out there. Learn More

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How to Remove Notifications Link from Scrollable Header Box in Clip-Bucket v2


As you may have noticed already, notifications have literally no use in Clip-Bucket. The main developer, Arslan Hassan, even said once in a post at the Clip-Bucket forum, that the notifications system was a feature he wanted to implement, yet never had the time to finish it. So let’s free some space up there in the header box by removing the link to them. This article applies for those who use the default cbv2new template. These instructions may be exact for the whole v2 branch. Learn More

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