How to Create Test Users Manually in Elgg 1.8

Elgg 1.8 is very different from previous releases. The admin panel is now completely different and more user friendly. In this article, I will give a step by step guide on how to create test users manually in Elgg 1.8. Log into your Elgg site as an Administrator and follow these steps:

1) Click on Administration:

2) Once inside the Admin panel, click on administer and then click on Users: Learn More

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Creating a Multilingual CMSMS Site Using MleCMS Module

There are often discussions in the CMS Made Simple Board about setting up a Multilingual site using CMSMS, so this time we are going to walk through the setup process of a Multilingual site using MleCMS Module.

I have already written an alternative way of setting up a Multilingual site, which you can find in my Blog:  “Another method of Multilignaul CMSMS Page“.  Shortly after my Blog post, the MleCMS Module was released and it became my preferred method when it comes to building a Multilingual site using CMSMS.

I still hope that someday a built-in solution will be introduced, or a module with better Workflow will be released; for now, I  think MleCMS gets as close as possible to a decent solution.

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Backing Up and Restoring the Dolphin 7 Database

In today’s blog I’m going to show you how to backup and restore your Dolphin 7 database. Backing up your database is a very important step you should never forget if you’re about to install a new mod or edit anything in the database. Having a recent backup can turn fixing a database error from an all day job into a 5 minute job.

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