Taking a Deeper Look at OpenCart’s “Cart”

Yes that’s correct, you know that it works but do you know how? Most don’t and to be fair, most don’t need to know nor do they want to know. However for those that are learning the basics of how a shopping cart works then this posting is for you. I will reveal to you everything that happens from the point of pressing ADD TO CART, to viewing items that you have added. This passage will be using code taken from the latest Opencart version

Phase One (clicking the add to cart button) Learn More

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How to Remove Contents of an Element (div, ul, etc) with jQuery


As I’ve been recently working with a website that has a lot of jQuery and AJAX, and my jQuery knowledge was small, I was wondering how to remove the content of a <div> with jQuery. The solution was pretty easy and with just a line of code.

The element we are going to affect will be called ‘Target’. Learn More

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Error Messages You May Encounter in TomatoCart

There is nothing more excited than trying to build your own ecommerce store with TomatoCart FREE. Tens of thousands of people have been installing TomatoCart and customizing it to their own need. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating to get an unexpected error while not being able to find a solution.

Actually, most TomatoCart issues have already got solution there. If you’ve got an error, don’t fret because other TomatoCart user may have had the same problem before and already solved it. The following series of articles will collect common errors reported by TomatoCart users at community forum. Learn More

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