Using telerik sitefinity with Arvixe shared plans

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There are a lot of ways to install telerik sitefinity CMS on hosted web sites.
Doing it on Arvixe site is pretty easy since you have a lot of freedom Smiley

With this guide I want to show you how to do this step by step.
We will install a “Sitefinity Web CMS 4.0” site on a personal APS account.
This is the “smallest” account – it will also work with the bigger ones.
The only exception are VPS or dedicated hosts using “sitefinity direct installation”.

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Directory Opus – A Must Have Tool for Hosting Junkies

If you host multiple Web Sites like me, you spend a lot of time using FTP, Windows Explorer, zipping, unzipping, finding/viewing images, etc.  I have been using an Advanced Windows File Manager tool from a company in Australia for 7 years now. It has saved me 100′s of hours work in that time.

No.  I do not work there and I am not an affiliate.  I am just sharing a little known secret that will help Power Users. See my NOTE at the end of this blog.

When installed, Directory Opus becomes your new windows file Explorer, only ten times better.

Your favorite features in Opus will be:

1) Dual Display File Tree View
2) FTP – very good Secure SSL/SSH FTP
3) Synchronize – Yes. Synchronize desktop and FTP folders instantly.
4) Picture Viewer with Slideshows
5) right click menu Zip and unzip
6) lots more…

PC Magazine in this article said…
“Directory Opus 8 makes Windows Explorer obsolete.”

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mojoPortal Skins – 40 stock + Artisteer = unlimited

MojoPortal CMS works great.  It also looks great.  It comes with over 40 stock skins to change the style, theme, look, feel, color and more of your Web Site.  In Administrator > Site Setting, it not only allows you to change your Web Site skin,  it also as has a skin Preview/Browse feature which allows you to see all the skins without changing your Web Site.  See below.

The Secret is out.
This year (March 2010) MojoPortal made it
possible for people to have unlimited skins.

That’s right.  Unlimited.  In March 2010, Joe Audette from mojoPortal created a simple process for mojoPortal CMS to be compatible with all skins produced by Artisteer.  Visit the Artisteer Web Site here.

Instructions for converting any Artisteer skin and installing it for use in mojoPortal is here.

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