Display Detailed Errors in ASP.net Apps

Errors are common on any application. With ASP Applications it is hard to tell what caused an error, since default errors are not specific enough and won’t tell you what went wrong. In this article I will show you on a step-by-step guide how to display detailed errors in ASP.net applications


Default errors ASP.net

1. Open the web.config of your application. Learn More

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Enable Janrain for PHPFox

This article will show you how to enable Janrain for your PHPFox website.

Janrain offers your members the ability to login to your PHPFox website by using their login credentials for a variety of other websites.

To enable Janrain login for your PHPFox website, login to your admincp and select Settings > Manage Settings. Learn More

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Add User Ranks in phpBB

Hello once again!

Today we are going to learn how to add custom ranks to your phpBB forums.

First as always log into your Forum Admin Control Panel (from here on it will be known as ACP)

Click Users and Groups as seen below: Learn More

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