Silverlight: Server-Side Playlists with Arvixe Hosting

For Silverlight, a server-side playlist (SSPL) is a sequence of media assets (either audio or video) that allows server administrators to control the sequence of media viewed by users. This playlist can be created statically or dynamically. A server-side playlist used to serve media to Silverlight can be used only for streaming (either on-demand or broadcast); it cannot be used to serve downloaded media. Silverlight uses .wsx configuration files to specify an SSPL that can be served to the client via the MediaElement object. Some advantages of using an SSPL include the following:

  1. Because the server seamlessly switches between the media files in a playlist, you can customize the viewer experience by combining multiple digital media files into what will appear to the end user to be a single content stream. This minimizes bandwidth spikes by decreasing the number of times that clients must connect to retrieve content.
  2. When users connect to a site before a live broadcast has started, you can provide media that plays in a loop while users wait for the live broadcast to begin. Learn More
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Take a Look at the New Dolphin 7.1 Poll System

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the of the new Dolphin 7.1 polls module. It has a few new features and a smooth new look.

The polls homepage shows all the polls and has a special place for any featured polls.

Dolphin 7.1 polls homepage

Dolphin 7.1 polls homepage

The individual poll entry also has a new look and is slightly rearranged from the old module. It also has a space for comments. Learn More

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How to Manage Your Silex Publications

Discover the “Manage” section of the Silex Manager!

One of Silex strengths is its Manager.
In fact, thanks to this intuitive interface you can easily manage all your publications.

Let’s go and see how!

Manage your publication properties Learn More

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