How to Install SocialEngine onto Your Linux Server

First before anything, create a database, as SocialEngine requires a database in order to work.

Sign into cPanel, and then go to “Databases” in cPanel and create your database there. We have a Step by Step

Article on how you can add databases which can be found here:

To install Social Engine, please read these steps. Learn More

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Display Product Rating in the Products List in Prestashop

Regardless of what we sell, it’s always a good idea to showcase how much our products are loved by our customers. Prestashop comes with a review module, but the rating only displays in the product page. Let’s see how to show the product rating in the products list too!

  • Version used: Prestashop 1.5.4
  • Product Comments Module: version 2.3

Introduction Learn More

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When Should You Use a Reset CSS Sheet

It is amazing to me how many times people build web sites and start to create the style sheets and such only to find out that something quirky happens depending upon the browser you are using.  What if I told you that it might not have anything to do with your styles? Learn More

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