xPDOObject versus xPDOSimpleObject for MODX

When you create a custom object class that will be stored in a database table in MODX, one of your first decisions is whether to have it extend xPDOObject or xPDOSimpleObject (or one of the accessible object classes, which we’ll get to in a bit).

One of the confusing things about xPDOObject and xPDOSimpleObject is that, of the two, an xPDOObject is simpler.

xPDOObject Learn More

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Display ‘Tips’ in Elgg 1.8

In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to display ‘tips’ or ‘latest news’ in the sidebar of elgg 1.8

1. Download “Did You Know” plugin for elgg 1.8 here

2. Unzip the plugin in the mod folder of your elgg installation. If you don’t know how to do that, please read this article.

3. Log into your Elgg network as an Administrator, click on the Administration link located in the top bar menu to go to the Admin Dashboard: Learn More

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SEO Manufacturers Box Module in TomatoCart is Available

You may find that the default manufacturers box module don’t support SEO friendly url as setting ‘Manufacturers List Type ‘ to ‘ComboBox’ under admin panel > Templates > Templates Modules > Boxes > Manufacturers. Learn More

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