AddThis Social Bookmarking Module For TomatoCart

One community moderator of TomatoCart (grantporter) has created an AddThis module for TomatoCart that can be included on any page and customized accordingly.

There are basically 12 preset layouts (including the default) as well as a custom option for defining your own buttons and layout. The module has quite a few options available to enable customization! Learn More

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Adding Expiry Header to Static Files in

In a previous article I discussed how to optimize your ASP application via HTTP Compression. In this article I will demonstrate how to save bandwidth and make your page load faster by adding expiry header to static files in

Usually, you can cache static files such as images, stylesheets and script files. By making some changes in the web.config file, we can set the browser to cache all these files.

Add this code to your web.config which will cache all static files of your application in the browser for 2 years: Learn More

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Find Records That Are Not in Either Table

Suppose you have one table that has names and phone numbers of people you have contacted and another table which contains names and phone numbers of your contacts.

Phone Calls Made – Table Name: Callsmade Learn More

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