How to Use Silverstripe Built-in Page Controls

Ever wonder when you use $Title and <% Control Children %> what else you can call in the templates? This page is here to help with a guide on what template controls you can call.

Controlling Menus Datafeeds: Learn More

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Elgg Website Speed and Performance

Hi everybody, in this post we will help you in increasing the performance and speed of your elgg website. So, shall we start?!

Note: This post is about Elgg 1.8.

Warning: Before making any changes. Please make sure to take a backup of your Website. Just in case! Learn More

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How to Hide the Main Menu from Your phpFox Website’s Visitors

In this article, I will show you how to hide your site’s main menu from your website visitors.

In order to hide the main menu from your guests, you need to login to your admincp and select Settings > Manage Settings. Learn More

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