How to Change the Language in Joomla 3.0

In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to change the display language for the Admin backend and website language
1. Log into Joomla Administration
2. On the top bar menu, click on “Extensions -> Language Manager”:


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nopCommerce Tips: Review of the Nop Quick View Plugin

The out-of-the-box configuration of nopCommerce provides a very impressive level of functionality for most e-commerce needs. However, with the addition of 3rd-party products, a truly professional level of presentation can be achieved. Today, we’ll cover the newest nopCommerce plugin from Nop-Templates, the Nop Quick View.

The Nop Quick View is best used on sites with a large amount of products per category. Rather than the click-into-product, and then back, and possibly losing your place in the category or search results, the Quick View allows the user to hover over the product icon, and then click on a “Quick View” button that allows more detail to be displayed in a lightbox format. Here’s an example: Learn More

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Managing Your phpFox Site’s Themes

This article will focus on managing your phpFox website’s themes.

As of phpFox v.3.5, phpFox now comes with 4 default themes: Default, Cosmic, Microblog, and Nebula.  Up until now we have only had 2 default themes to work with.  Each theme has its own set of styles as well, which are variations on the theme.  All but the Default come with a single style, Default comes with 4 different styles to choose from: Default, Facebookish, Altitude, and Density.  You may or may not want to have all or some of these themes enabled, and you may want to purchase or download a new theme to use on your site.  For now, we will work with the default themes. Learn More

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