mojoPortal Tips: Creating a Custom Newsletter Template

So – you’ve got your mojoPortal website set up, you’ve been creating great content on your blog, people like what you’ve got to say, and once you set up your newsletter subscription, you’ve got people who’ve signed up to receive your newsletter. Now it’s time to get on the ball and get your newsletter template created, and send out that newsletter!

In mojoPortal Tips: Sending Newsletters to Your Subscribers, Part 1 and Part 2, we covered how to send out a newsletter to your subscribers. Before you do that, you’ll need to create a template that’s optimized for your needs.

mojoPortal comes with two default templates; “business1″ and “template1″. You can either start with these, or use your own. TemplatesBox provides a great selection of free newsletter templates, in a wide variety of styles and colors to work with your branding and site design. Learn More

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How To Store Information About The Sessions in Silverlight Applications For The Analysis – Part 1

In this article, I will teach you how to store information about the sessions in Silverlight Applications for analysis.

Why it is necessary?

Well, for example:

1. For the analysis of how many users are online at this moment;
2. For the analysis of geolocation by the IP addresses of users;
3. For the analysis of how many users visited the application today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 30 days;

Learn More

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How to Deploy Your Git Repo Into a Shared Environment Using Arvixe

This article will show you how to deploy your git repo into a shared environment using Arvixe. This article was originally written by Arlo Carreon over at his website. Stop by and take a look!

Git is rapidally becoming more and more popular; and while Github is a great way to store your projects, you will need a way to deploy your web app to your shared hosting. Arvixe is one of the most affordable and reliable shared hosting providers I’ve come across and a perfect example for demonstrating how to deploy your git repo into a shared environment.

1.) Setup SSH Access with Arvixe

Make sure you have SSH access. Shared hosting accounts with Arvixe do not come with SSH access by default. You will to go to the support chat and ask for SSH access, this will only take minutes and is effective immediately. Once they give you access, make sure you can login. Here is how you would SSH into your account with your Arvixe username and password. Learn More

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