Manage Your Domain Registered by Arvixe via Billing Control Panel

If you have your domain registered at or transferred to Arvixe, you have the following options to manage your domain.

  1. Lock your domain
  2. Private Registration
  3. Auto-Renew
  4. Getting Authorization Key
  5. Update DNS Information
  6. Renew Domain

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Auto Configure Email Client for Your Email Address

Applied on: cPanel Hosted Email Account

Many people manually create their email accounts in a POP/IMAP client. This requires that they know each setting parameter to configure their email client (like MS Outlook). If they miss a single parameter, the email client will be unable to acces the email server.  Learn More

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How to Install a Plugin in Elgg

One of the main features of Elgg is that extra functionality can be added and for free by the use of plugins. There are thousands of plugins available for you to download and use at the Elgg Community. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to install a plugin in Elgg.

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