Silverstripe _config.php Cheatsheet

Here are some of most used lines in _config.php: Learn More

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How to Show “Upload” Tab to Logged in Users Only Using a Custom Template in Clip-Bucket v2


Like I wrote in a previous article, How to Check if a User is Logged in When Uploading Videos in Clip-Bucket v2, I further saw that the Upload tab from the top navigation bar was still there, in some custom templates, even when users where not logged in, therefore I decided to write this article to show you how to add a check to see if the user is logged in, if not, don’t show the tab, otherwise, show it. Note, if you are using CB template cbv2new, you don’t need to add this modifications. Learn More

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Error When Adding Pinterest Button to Web Site

The other day I had time to go back and look into some errors that I was getting on a web site that I was building. It did not affect the performance or any of the functionality (at least that is what I thought) but it was very annoying to always have to hit the F5 key during debug in VS 2012. I got busy and determined to finish the site, published it and the client really liked it but now was the time for me to go back and look at what was causing this error. The error I am referring to is the error that is an indication that the browser was quicker than the download or the same error when a javascript CDN is offline, but I knew this was not the case. Learn More

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