Creating New Users in Joomla 3

Add new a user to your site is very easy to do, and there are many reasons to do that. Users can have different access type. As Super User you can modify as needed. The Following steps will guide you how.

  1. Log into Joomla 3.0 dashboard.  Learn More
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Piwik: Tracking Email Openings via API Using PHP

Our Programming Task: Track Email Openings via Piwik and using a Tracking Image

Currently working at a university we have to abide by certain regulations such as FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. As a web developer that currently means I cannot use Google Web Analytics or a majority of the services Google provides (due to Privacy concerns for student data, etc). Learn More

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[WHMCS] Automated Package Upgrades

Occasionally you may find your clients outgrow their current hosting package and would need to upgrade. As always, there is a solution within WHMCS to automate the entire upgrade process so you don’t need to do anything!

Step 1: Create your packages Learn More

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