Drupal Ajax Autocomplete Dependent Form Elements Using jQuery

Our Task

Recently I was asked how to create an auto-complete form element from a parent form selection choice using Ajax. Below is our initial form. In this form students select a Country in the world and then an Educational Program offered in that country populates the Program select list via Ajax. Students must select a valid country before they may select a program. Learn More

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Add Users to a MySQL Database in WebsitePanel

In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to add users to a MySQL database in WebsitePanel.

1. Log into WebsitePanel. Learn More

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Enable Hashtags in PHPFox

The upcoming release of PHPFox 3.7 allows you to use Hashtags on your website, this article will show you how to enable them.

To enable Hashtags, login to your admincp and select Settings > Manage Settings.  On the Manage Settings screen select Tag. Learn More

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