[Drupal] Drush Digging Deeper

Any package manager or system tool can be difficult to use. We’ve looked at and used Drush a bit in the past. Here are some more tips to help better use Drush.

drush help, or drush help [command] Learn More

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OpenCart – Inreasing Memory Size Limit

When you sign up with a web host and install Open Cart whether you are on a shared hosting or a VPS, there is a Memory Limit already set in the PHP Configuration. Most is 20M by default. This works fine for the majority of store listing products. However, maybe you want to list 10,000 products at one time without categorizing them? While not recommended “ever”, this still might be a requirement of yours. The PHP MEMORY will not allow this and you will more than likely receive an error that looks like this: Learn More

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Add and Reorder Your Pages on Concrete5

Concrete5 is a particularly easy to use CMS (content management system) and adding pages is extremely quick.  Think of your website as being a book… The Home page is the Cover of the book… each upper level page (the ones you normally see on the Navigation Bar) would be Chapters… each chapter can have pages of its own… and so forth. A typical sitemap of a Concrete5 site is like the table of contents and usually looks like the following: Learn More

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