The Arvixe Liaison Program – Now Hiring!

If you have knowledge about a particular application or software, you might be interested in knowing about the Arvixe Community Liaison role!

The Community Liaison Program is a role between any major software or application and Arvixe. Have you read articles regarding any of the hundreds of software on the Arvixe Blog? Have you ever posted a question in the forum regarding an application or software? If so, chances are you have read or been helped by a Community Liaison! With about a dozen liaisons, we are able to assist costumers on and off of Arvixe.

Here are some of our most popular blog articles, written by liaisons Learn More

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How To Fix: Could Not Find Microsoft Silverlight SDK v4.0

If you have installed Microsoft Silverlight SDK v4.0, but your Visual Studio displays the message “Could not find Microsoft Silverlight SDK v4.0. Please make sure that the correct version of the Microsoft Silverlight SDK has been installed.” and you cannot edit XAML in designer, so you have the same problem that I encountered yesterday :(

But that’s okay, today I will tell you how I managed to restore Silverlight: Learn More

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How to Configure the Email Options in TomatoCart

Some users in the TomatoCart community face the problem to send the email to the customer. We will show you in this article how to manage the TomatoCart email configurations. There are two methods to setup your email configurations:

Emails Options

  • If the cart is not configured yet, the “Wizard Installation” windows should be loaded and active as accessing your admin panel. The Wizard is in three steps. The second step shown in the figure 1, is configuration of the E-Mail options. Learn More
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