SocialEngine 4: Radcodes Disabled Over-ride

Over the last few weeks it has become noticed that many of Radcodes Mods are deactivating themselves.

Are you having problems with Radcodes modules deactivating by themselves every 24 hours? Well I have the fix! Learn More

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Changing Themes with Concrete5

When your site content is correct, but the presentation is… less than ideal, a new theme may be the answer. Join us as we view how themes are managed through the Concrete5 Dashboard and how to upload and activate one from your Concrete5 project page that can be used site-wide or on individual pages. Learn More

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Change a Link’s Color When Hovered Using CSS


Learn how to change the color or any CSS property of a link or any element using just CSS. This is useful for example when you are using <a>s to simulate a button and want to create a clickable effect when hovered.

Let’s say we have a link with the class ‘link‘: Learn More

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