Sending Email Newsletters in ocPortal Part 1

Newsletter options in ocPortalWhile e-marketing has taken more of a backseat in recent years to social media, it is still an important part of any digital marketing mix. ocPortal has an inbuilt email newsletter system which will allow you to send out either custom built newsletters or an automatic newsletter based on the content you have added to your website. This article will be split into two posts as there is quite a lot of information, and it makes it easier to digest and find the relevant information. This post deals with manually created emails and the second post deals with emails which have the content automatically generated from content posted on your website already.

Sending out a custom built Newsletter in ocPortal Learn More

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Why Some Pages Show Likes and Others Show Members in phpFox

A common question that pops up now and again is “Why do some Pages show likes and some show members?  The answer is simply that the Pages module consists of 2 separate features, Pages and Groups.  You can allow your members to create only Pages, only Groups, or a combination of the two.

Both Pages and Groups have the same features, the main difference is that Pages use LIKES Learn More

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Getting Started With Elgg

Social Networking made easy!

Elgg is a powerful social networking engine that schools and companies are using as a tool for private or public communication.

Elgg was founded in 2004, and has won several awards. With elgg, you can build your own community portal within minutes, and it has a lot of features available out of the box. File sharing, micro blogging, blogs and personal profiles are just few of the many features it currently has. In this post we will cover the following: Learn More

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