mojoPortal Tips: Troubleshooting mojoPortal Using the System Log

mojoPortal is a robust and flexible CMS (content management system), and like the old Timex commercial, “takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. This is better for your users, in that they’ll seldom see an actual error message, but when you’re trying to troubleshoot something complex, or involving a third-party plugin or implementation, this can create some frustration. That’s when it’s time to start checking the System Log feature that’s built into mojoPortal. Learn More

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How to Use Opencart’s vQmod

Opencart for a long time was needing a way to easily patch code into the framework whereby being able to remove it later without disrupting the integrity of the overall structure; In short, a plugin-like system that allowed users to easily plugin/unplug extensions to in their website without much hassle. For the longest time all extensions sold in the shop were core edits and if the files included in the package were not brand new then it would overwrite your existing code. This just isn’t realistic for a number of obvious reasons the biggest one being that you shouldn’t have to disrupt your website structure just to plug in an extension. Introducing VQMOD! Vqmod is pretty much an Opencart standard at the moment and is being used by just about everyone especially developers like myself.

VQMOD Learn More

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How to Manually Change a Member’s Password in phpFox

This article will show you how to change a member’s password in phpFox.

Once in a while you may receive an email from a member, stating that they are having an issue logging in and you may need to manually change their password.  This is a simple task that you can perform.

Login to your phpFox admincp, and select Users > Browse Users. Learn More

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