Create ODBC DSN with WebsitePanel

ODBC DSNs are normally used by developers along with classic ASP applications. You can easily create them from within WebsitePanel

(1) Login to DotNetPanel

(2) Select Databases | ODBC DSNs Learn More

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Jquery and SEO Implications

Using Jquery, JavaScript, and other scripting languages seems like a natural choice when developing a web site — or is it? If you are like me than you have read all about the benefits of using such scripting languages when developing a site. There is the quick loading, minimal bandwidth, and more “natural” interaction. These are all great reasons to consider using scripting language but there is a dark side. This dark side is a result of what I will call the “spider effect”. The spider effect is that most site crawlers or search engine sites do not do a good job when it comes to “interpreting” scripting languages. In fact, some of them actually leave out the entire script. Let me show you an example: Learn More

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