Elegant Pagination For Product Listing and New Products Page in TomatoCart

In the default glass gray template of TomatoCart, the pagination links are not elegant enough. So, a new module for the template is implemented to make the paginations on the product listing and new products page more elegant. Learn More

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Customer Satisfaction Survey – May 2013

May was another good month for our customer service feedback surveys and the information we’ve received has been invaluable.

With 91% of those who filled out our survey being happy to recommend us to friends, and an average rating of 8.47 we’re aware of where we can improve this month and looking forward to continuing to apply new improvements as we grow.

After responding to several hundred surveys and gathering all of the data we need to keep improving, we had our system automatically choose a winner. This month, the winner of our Galaxy Tab 2 is Mat with http://www.blitzinteractivellc.com/

Congratulations, Mat!

Interested in seeing the results we’ve gotten from our survey, as well as some of the feedback? Check out our results page at https://www.arvixe.com/survey/results/

Lastly, as always, if YOU have feedback that you want heard or you need any help at all, email our Quality Assurance department so we can help out! QA [at] arvixe [dot] com.

We’re committed to improving and being the best we can, and we can’t make that possible without your help, so thank you to all of those who filled out our survey!

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Remove Top 10 Users Box from the Clip-Bucket v2 Homepage


If you’re of those guys that are revamping your Clip-Bucket website to look just the way you want it and don’t know how to remove that Top 10 Users box from the homepage, you’ve arrived to the right place. This has been tested in v2.6 with the default cbv2new template. It may or may not work with a different template. Learn More

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