How to Automate Your Email Vacation Message

Applied on: Windows (ASP) hosting plan

So you are going on vocation. You want to put a message in your mailbox so any incoming email for your mailbox should store in your mailbox and sender notified about your unavailability for prompt reply. You have auto reply option in control panel. Once the vocation period end, you need to remove that auto-reply message. There is a way to remove that auto-reply message automatically at end of your vocation period. That way can be applied when you are creating your auto reply message in control panel. Learn More

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Business Processes Management in Alfresco

       Main purpose of any CMS is to convert unstructured contents or data into structured data so that it will be more convenient to manage the data especially when there is Hugh amount of contents. Now as we know for any Business there are various processes which involve the business critical documents and if those documents are already managed by CMS it is very important that there should be BPM tool which can incorporate those processes under the same system to streamline and leverage the existing process flow.

Alfresco which is the open platform for business critical document management and collaboration provides this BPM feature by supporting or we can say embedding the BPM tools like JBPM and Activiti. It enables customers to develop workflow using these tools for managing their processes. Learn More

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How Do I Bundle JavaScript Files in Web Forms?

The other day I was working on trying to create faster page loading in a .NET project and decided to tackle the idea of minifiying my JavaScript files. After trying tiressley to attach a minify routines to my web site between compiling and deploying I was not happy with the results. I would have to build something in each page to load the .min version if I was in debug but the full uncompressed version if I was testing. It seemed like a lot of work to do with many places that things could go wrong. I then remembered an article about bundling in but it seemed to relate to a feature in 4.5. What about 4.0? I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can get this to work with 4.0. Learn More

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