How to Change the Domain Name for your phpFox Website

This article will focus on how to change the domain name associated with your phpFox website.

There may be a time when you realize that the current domain you are using for your phpFox website just isn’t the right one for the site anymore.  There are many reasons for this, you may have started out on a .net and now have the .com, or the content that you and your members are posting just doesn’t match well with the old domain.

As always, before making any changes to your phpFox website, I suggest you make a full backup of all files and the database.

The first thing you will need to do is log into your phpFox account at

On your dashboard, select the arrow to the left of the license you are editing, and select Edit. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: 5 Most Frequent “Gotcha!” Install Moments

mojoPortal is a great content management system, and for the most part, really easy to install and configure. However, there are certain scenarios that happen so frequently, that they deserve their own “Top 5″ list. Let’s cover them, and explain how to get past them.

1. Folder permissionsLearn More

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How to Enable Short URLs for Your phpFox Website

This article will focus on enabling short urls for your phpFox website.

By default, phpFox does not use short urls. This means that your website’s url’s will have a string that looks similar to this:

using short urls, the url will look similar to this:

Short urls look cleaner, and are easier for your members to use.

Creating/Editing the .htaccess file Learn More

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