Alfresco Webscript Authorization

Alfresco webscripts is one of the powerful tools for integrating alfresco repository with other systems (portal, CMS or web applications).

Now whenever we are integrating two different systems we always come across security concerns. Because on one side where we need to expose repository to other system, on the other side we also need to make sure those set of webscripts are secure enough to be protected from unauthorized access. Learn More

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[TomatoCart] How to Load JavaScript Asynchronously to Speed Up your Store

Performance is the most important thing for an online store because it impact the user experience directly. When a customer access your store in your browser, a lot of javascript files are downloaded into his browser and executed in it. Loading and parsing of a JavaScript file blocks page rendering. This means that your store will not display until each script call in the document head has been loaded and executed. So, we have to use some techniques to make your store shows faster.

1. Combining & minify scripts Learn More

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Better Categories for Elgg

Elgg has a categories feature out of the box. It is very simple and it does not provide a user interface to browse the categories created within the site. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to improve categories in elgg Learn More

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