[TomatoCart] Improved drop-down brands menu in product listing page of bootstrap

In this article, I will show you an improved drop-down brands menu to filter the products with brands.


Snip20150225_12With this drop-down menu, your customers could filter the products with several brands at the same time.


Snip20150225_13As you can see, the results are combined. It means all of products belong to Apple and HP brands will be shown in the listing. It’s effective for your customers to find the necessary products in your store.

How to apply it for your store

Step1. Backup all of your store files for applying the changes safely.

Step 2. Download brands_dropdown.zip at https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxbctl2nrkmgku9/brands_dropdown.zip?dl=0

Step 3. Unzip the package in your locale computer.

Step 4. Copy includes and templates folds into your tomatocart root directory on your web server to override the original files.

Done. After applying above steps, you will find the new drop-down brands menu in the product listing page.

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[TomatoCart] Refine by brands module for bootstrap template

In this article, I will share a box module for letting your customer refine the products with brands in the product listing page of bootstrap template. It will look like:

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Followers for Elgg 1.9

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