How Important is Server Location to Your Business?

Hosting your web-page on a server located in another geographical location is beneficial for some and problematic for others, depending on their needs. Overseas hosting is often Server Location Importance inexpensive, and allows web-page owners to target a specific servervisitor base more completely. However, it’s important to measure the quality of the technical support and customer service you’ll receive before signing up for hosting. In many cases, inexpensive hosting overseas can often lead to unneeded hassles if a website owner doesn’t consider important factors beforehand.
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How to Hide Download Link for X Seconds in Clip-Bucket v2.6


Somebody in the Official Clip-Bucket Forums asked how they could hide the download link after certain time had passed, so I decided to share this with all of you. Learn how to do the former in Clip-Bucket v2.6. 

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Drupal8: Verbose Error Messages

In beginning to wet my feet with Drupal8 development I ran into this interesting problem as seen in this screenshot:

Oh great, an Error. Egads!

An error that appears upon site installation sometimes.

Is there some way we remedy this problem, or somehow get more information at the problem at hand to debug and fix it?
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