Drupal 7: Flat Taxonomy Module

David G - DrupalMany websites I create make use of Taxonomies in Drupal as a means of Categorizing content found within the website. Often times the taxonomy terms assigned per Node are used to make contextual Views or expose filter options for a View on the website. While categorization of content is easily achieved by Drupal — sometimes we want to limit our Taxonomy Tree to a single level hierarchy and not allow our taxonomy trees to include nested terms. Until recently I had not found a simple solution to this problem. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Increase Manage Members Page Count

Andrew - SocialEngine

Have you ever wanted to sort through your members to clean them out? For example inactive customers.

Sometimes you would have over 20+ pages to go through with only 10 members per page doing the site maintenance feels like  a drag.

With this simple mod you will be able to change how many members are shown on each page increasing the display number makes taking care of the maintenance much easier and helps you get through the list faster. Learn More

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