Solving SQL Reporting Server and UAC Error

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up a new laptop and had installed SQL Reporting Services 2012. Everything on the install went surprising quite easy. I opened a browser and typed in the classic http://localhost/reports and after a few minutes the following error message appeared. Learn More

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Optimizing Elgg with Lazy Hover

Having a fast website is imperative nowadays. Lazy Hover for Elgg will give a boost to your website performance. It will help reduce the load time on your website without much hassle. In this article I am going to show you how to optimize your elgg network with Lazy Hover Learn More

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Solutions for Several Issues in the Bootstrap Template

In this article, I will illustrate several issues in the bootstrap template and give you the solutions to solve them. You could apply the code updates for your store.

Problem 1. Slideshow did not start automatically Learn More

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