How to Add the Tagging Function to CMS Made Simple Modules Part 1

Tagging is a common and well known feature in Blog Software like WordPress. But unfortunately, it is missing in CMS Made Simple. In this article, I will show you how to add the feature into any module. You can see it in action here.

To understand how it works, I take CGBlog as our desired module in this case. I split the tutorial in two parts because we need new functions in the backend to let the author enter some keywords (tags) and we need the frontend management of the tags. Let’s start with the backend configuration.

Install CGBlog and dependencies first. Then go to CGBlog and add a new “Field Definition”. Learn More

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How to Compress Your CSS With {cms_stylesheet}

CMS Made Simple attaches stylesheets to a page template with the {cms_stylesheet} tag. Since CMSMS version 1.10, this tag will automatically concatenate all of the stylesheets for a given media type into one CSS file.

You may not be aware that since version 1.10, you can use SMARTY tags inside of CMS Made Simple stylesheets. With a couple of small tricks, you can use this to compress your stylesheets.

Using [[strip]] Tags

In CMS Made Simple stylesheets, we use [[double braces]] instead of {curly brackets} as the SMARTY delimiter. This saves using a ridiculous number of {literal} tags. Learn More

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mojoPortal 201: Using MegaGallery for mojoPortal

mojoPortal is a robust, full-featured CMS (Content Management System); it’s a featured app in the Windows Web App Gallery, and powers thousands of websites. It comes with a wide range of built-in functionality: forums, blogs, surveys, version control and workflow, and multimedia support. But one of the best reasons to use mojoPortal is the support for plugins that leverage the built-in properties of mojoPortal, and allow extended functionality to be added on to an existing mojoPortal-based site. Today, we’ll cover one of the newest plugins, the MegaGallery plugin by IndigoTea.

MegaGallery is an alternative to the built-in Image Gallery that’s bundled into mojoPortal.  While the built-in Image Gallery is a great way to display images, it does have some limitations. MegaGallery allows an unlimited number of galleries and albums to be displayed on a single page, as well as allowing friendly URLs to be created for each album. Because it leverages jCarousel and Gallerific, both jQuery-based, the display can be adjusted via CSS. The slideshow isn’t dependent on Silverlight, allowing users to view it without the need for additional plugins.

To explain how the MegaGallery works, we’ll step through the parts of the process of using MegaGallery to display images.

Adding A MegaGallery to Your Page Learn More

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