Security and Your MODX Articles Blog

There’s serious security problem with the default installation of the Articles blog extra: It exposes your MODX username — the one you use to log in to the Manager — on every page. This opens you up to a brute-force attack that could allow miscreants to gain complete control of your site. This vulnerability may be fixed in future versions of Articles, but for now, it’s a good idea to make some changes to your Articles Templates and Chunks.

Site hackers have bots that are visiting hundreds of thousands of web sites. They try common Administrator usernames like “admin” “root” and “webmaster” and attempt to log in with both selected passwords (e.g., dates between 1900 and the current year, common names for humans and pets, dictionary words, etc.) and random passwords generated in code. For a fairly reasonable price, you can now buy a computer designed just for this task and capable of trying millions of passwords per second. Learn More

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Enable PHP 5.3 for Your Website on Windows Based Hosting

Enabling PHP 5.3 for your website in a windows based hosting is very simple! You can enable PHP 5.3 for your website by adding the following to your web.config file between <system.webServer> tags. Learn More

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OpenCart – Privacy Policy (Do I Need One?)

Many Opencart owners that run online ecommerce shops just avoid the Privacy Policy mostly because they have no idea what it is for or what is supposed to go in it. We see this time and time again and are here to tell you that it is SUPER important to have one. If you are not sure what is supposed to go in it, this article will guide you with a few pointers. Just remember, peoples’ privacy is very important so let’s protect that the best way we can!

Privacy Policy Basics Learn More

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