Reveton Trojan Virus – Information/Removal Instructions

In the past few months the UK has been hit by the Reveton Virus and it seems the USA are beginning to become under attack below is an important information about the virus and how to remove it, if you get hit by this virus.

This virus infects your computer by Ads which are displayed on other websites you may visit.

Reveton Trojan Information: Learn More

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How to Redirect with PHP


With this article you will learn how to redirect your users to another page with a simple PHP function. This becomes really handy when you have authenticated your user and want to take it back to the home page, for example.

1. The function we will use is header() Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Using Membership Pro with Premium Content

One of my new mojoPortal clients plans to add premium content (videos, e-books) to her website as her business development practice grows and expands. That’s actually a very easy requirement to fulfill with mojoPortal and the Site Membership Pro plugin; let’s step through how I’ll set that up for her mojoPortal-driven site.

First of all, we’ll set up the client’s mojoPortal-driven site, and plan out what kind of exclusive content she wants to be able to offer her users. By creating free “premium” content, she can capture contact information from interested prospects, and use the Newsletter feature in mojoPortal to promote the monetized content afterwards. Learn More

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