Use Placeholder Attributes in non-HTML5 Browsers

Every time I build a site or update a web site, I am always faced with a difficult question.  It is not getting the requirements from a client nor is it determining how much money to charge but rather what technology do I use to build it.  With Jquery releasing new updates, .NET framework releasing, and the launch of HTML5, it always is a balance to live on the cutting edge without getting bloody. Learn More

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Content Lifecycle in Alfresco

Main Purpose of CMS is to convert unstructured data in to structured data. There are various different types of documents stored in CMS all those documents are referred as Content in CMS terms. Each CMS has well defined lifecycle of contents which are stored. Alfresco also has its own lifecycle defined. Here I am going to give detail about lifecycle of Alfresco Contents. Learn More

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Support Multiple Languages in the Google Sitemap for TomatoCart

Some community users complained that the Google sitemap module only support the single admin panel language in the links. Learn More

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