Front-End Themes in Textpattern

As you learn how Textpattern CMS works, you’ll get a better understanding of how the public-facing front-end of your website can be customised to your own liking. This process of customising might involve simply poking around a little with the default Textpattern theme and making minor presentational tweaks, perhaps downloading and applying a completely different Textpattern theme, porting a theme from another CMS or CSS framework to be Textpattern-friendly or building one from scratch yourself. Learn More

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Tweaking an EntityFieldQuery in Drupal

In Drupal 7/8 there are many ways to perform business logic, or retrieve data from an underlying storage system, such as the default Database. Drupal provides many Storage APIs to interact with storage mechanisms through a high level facade. For a given Entity for instance we could write queries to a database using the Database API, we could ask for a piece of field data directly from the Field API, or we could use EntityFieldQuery (EFQ) to query for a list of Entity IDs we want to examine further. This post will look at the last option, using EntityFieldQuery. Learn More

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Create Instant Alias from WebsitePanel for VPS and Dedicated Servers

An Instant alias is a temporary sub-domain in the form of These provide immediate access to the user’s domain from all over the internet. For most of the time, this is not required. But, for one special situation, they are extremely useful. Learn More

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