How to hide extra user info in Xenforo

Today we are going to discuss how to hide users extra information sim1in posts. What am I talking about you ask? It looks like this:

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How to move news section to the side column in nopCommerce

Many nopCommerce users posts questions regarding how to move the news section to the side column. In some ways, it does makes sense as many store owners prefer to use the middle body of the homepage to showcase their products / services. Side columns is a great location to display news about your industry or store site.

Today, we will go over the process of moving the news section to the side column. Learn More

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Github: GhPages an Overview

David G - DrupalRecently for a university project we wanted to move a PHP template based website from a subdirectory to a Github Pages (Ghpages) website. All in all the transition went very smoothly. The original website was managed from a local in-house Git repository and it’s contents were synced with the live site URL occassionaly after a cumbersome process involving emailing and notifying about 2-4 individuals. While in comparison the Github Pages site simply needs to accept Pull Requests. Learn More

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