TextPattern CMS Plugins: Introducing wet_parachute


Textpattern CMS core developers all make plugins to extend its functionality without bloat. One of these plugins is wet_parachute; an extension to Textpattern to warn authors that they are leaving the Write tab when unsaved text is present. Some browsers already have this functionality baked in and others will ignore the plugin completely, so this is an ideal example of something that works for some people some of the time. If it’s not a good fit for a particular situation, for example with an incompatible browser, then it need not be installed. Learn More

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Manage Page Titles for Better SEO in Joomla

Title Manager is the most popular Joomla plugin to manage your page titles for better SEO; Using this plugin, you can display your site name in page titles with a lot of additional features for different needs. To use this extension, follow these steps: Learn More

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[TomaotCart] Integrate an Elegant Currencies Box into your Store

The default currencies box in TomatoCart system is not elegant and efficient enough for the users to change the currency in your store. So, I spend several hours to implement a new currencies box for TomatoCart system that will support following functionalities: Learn More

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