Editing Global Settings Part 4: Image Processing

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This article will focus on editing your site’s Image Processing settings.   This is where you would add an image or a text based watermark for images uploaded to your site.

First you want to log into your phpFox Admincp.  Once there, select Settings, then Manage Settings from the menu.

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Silverlight 3-D Effects (Perspective Transforms)

You can apply 3-D effects to any Silverlight UIElement using what are called “perspective transforms.” For example, you can create the illusion that an object is rotated toward or away from you, as shown in the following illustration.

Image with Perspective Transform

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nopCommerce Tips: Creating a Custom Layout, Part 3 – Plugins, Widgets and Customization, Oh My!

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Plugins and widgets are features that have been introduced to nopCommerce in order to provide additional options for display of products and information, and improvement of functionality for your nopCommerce site. Today, we’ll cover the difference between a plugin and a widget, the plugins that are native to nopCommerce, and some free and commercial plugins/widgets that are available for your nopCommerce site.

The basic installation of nopCommerce includes 42 plugins/widgets. These plugins & widgets are methods of providing the basic functionality of nopCommerce in a modular fashion, and allow additional functionality to be incorporated as needed.  To see the installed plugins & widgets, go to Administration=>Configuration=>Plugins. Learn More

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