Make a Gallery Using Lightbox 2 and SilverStripe CMS

In this tutorial I will explain how to make an easy website gallery using some SilverStripe modules and Lightbox 2 javascript! Learn More

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Create New Groups in Clip-Bucket v2


Learn how to create a new group in your Clip-Bucket powered website. Give your members the possibility to discuss common interest topics. Tested on v2.

Learn More

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Drupal 7 Altering Views

Nearly every Drupal site I create ends up using the Views community module. As of this writing the current version of Views is 3.x. Sometimes I make an exception and don’t use Views (it’s a lot of code) in a given website. But, Views is an efficient way to create lists of items, or displays of collections of pieces of content on your website. You can do a lot with just Views and its administration module Views UI. But, sometimes you have to go beyond what Views can do out of the box and so need to take a step into the Views API to interact with a $view as it’s being created or displayed. Learn More

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