Webscripts in Alfresco

For any CMS it is very critical that it provide various ways for other application to interact with its repository at the same it should also secure its repository from the illegal access or intruders. Alfresco architects have always kept this point in mind and because of it Alfresco score much more in this area the other proprietary CMS competitors.

Alfresco gives you the choice to use either Web Scripts or the traditional, SOAP-based, Web Services. Learn More

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Drupal “Features” Module Introduction

The Features module is a popular module for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. What does the features module do? The Features module was originally designed for a programmer to create a Feature or piece of a website that is reusable. An example of this may be a multi-user blog section of a website: its content type, permissions, url paths … all the configuration needed for a cookie-cutter blog area of a website could be a “Feature” of a website. To facilitate this idea the Kit Specification was created a long time ago. Learn More

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Web API Not Returning NULL Properties in JSON

When calling a web api where there are null values, the return object drops the property. I have read many articles on-line that talk about the problem being fixed with the new release but it did not work for me. After looking around and testing a few options I found a very easy fix. The below code is a sample code from a real application. Learn More

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