Adding Expiry Header to Static Files in

In a previous article I discussed how to optimize your ASP application via HTTP Compression. In this article I will demonstrate how to save bandwidth and make your page load faster by adding expiry header to static files in

Usually, you can cache static files such as images, stylesheets and script files. By making some changes in the web.config file, we can set the browser to cache all these files.

Add this code to your web.config which will cache all static files of your application in the browser for 2 years: Learn More

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Find Records That Are Not in Either Table

Suppose you have one table that has names and phone numbers of people you have contacted and another table which contains names and phone numbers of your contacts.

Phone Calls Made – Table Name: Callsmade Learn More

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New Features of Alfresco 4.2 Version

Alfresco has recently released 4.2 community version I have installed it in my local to check various new features introduced in it I find it pretty interesting which is worth sharing so here it is it includes features brought forward from Alfresco in the cloud as well as new features that will be showing up in the next Enterprise release and many, many bug fixes from all the 4.X.Y Enterprise revisions that came before it.

Here are some of the attractive reasons you surely will be attract to install community 4.2.

1) New & Improved Google Docs Integration Learn More

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