SocialEngine 4: Add Meebo Toolbar to your Site

Do you use Meebo would you like Meebo on your SE Site, this is a quick and easy way for you to do this.

  • Go to
  • Sign up for an account and follow the steps.
  • When asked what type of software your website is running chose the following: Learn More
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Enable DEBUG and DEV Modes for OxWall Websites

Debug Tools

Use Debug tool to track fatal, MySQL, and warning errors on your site. For example error 500.

Use Dev tool during development processes to see changes you have made in the code immediately after refreshing the page.

How to enable DEBUG and DEV modes Learn More

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Elegant Pagination For Product Listing and New Products Page in TomatoCart

In the default glass gray template of TomatoCart, the pagination links are not elegant enough. So, a new module for the template is implemented to make the paginations on the product listing and new products page more elegant. Learn More

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