Using Google Search with Your Dolphin 7.1 Website

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’ll show you how to use the “Google Search” module with your Dolphin 7.1 website. Before we begin, we need to install the module. A step by step guide on installing the Dolphin 7.1 base modules can be found here.

Once we have the module installed, we can modify the settings by clicking “Google Site Search” under the “Modules” menu on the left side of the admin area. Several options can be modified to select how the results appear. Learn More

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Trim Your SQL DBs Log Remotely

The SQL Log records transaction made into database. These log-entries can be used later to check the actions with database. It also used to ensure database integrity in the event of a system restore, includes but not limited to database queries, updating/insertion/deletion of the records. They are just like a temporary location where SQL Server engine temporary store transactions and at final commits the transaction to the database. To clear the disk space and clean the database log, we need to truncate/trim the database log frequently specially for a very active database. Many times the SQL log file grow very large and consume too much space over server. This might also cause to slow performance of a busy database. Here are steps to trim the SQL log remotely. Learn More
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nopCommerce Tips: How to Remove “Powered by nopCommerce”

The nopCommerce team has put thousands of hours into this flexible, extensible and robust application; feature for feature, it’s the best open-source .Net e-commerce application I’ve ever found. However, it’s not got the same name recognition as some other open-source e-commerce solutions; the way the developers have chosen to overcome this issue is to add “Powered by nopCommerce” as a part of their UI content. They have however, provided a way to remove this for those who wish to keep their branding consistent. We’ll cover how to do that today. Learn More

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