How to Increase or Decrease the Execution Time When Processing a File in Your ASP Application

In this article we will discuss How to increase or decrease the execution time when processing a file in your ASP application.

This problem is caused by the good old TimeOut. You can have a hard time trying to figure out why your file was not uploaded. This occurs because the execution time by default in any ASP application is made for handle small files. To fix this issue, follow these steps: Learn More

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mojoPortal 101: Tips to Keep Your Site “Sticky”

mojoPortal makes it easy to keep your site content updated and relevant to your readers. However, in addition to your content, there are other ways to help your site visitors “stick around” a bit longer, giving you more of an opportunity to present content to your users.

We’ll start with the default content editor for mojoPortal, which is where one of your site’s content “leaks” most often originates. One of the best things about creating content in HTML format is the ability to link to related content on other sites. However, many users overlook a basic feature, which is to create the link so that it opens a new tab or window, which ensures that when the user closes that tab or window, your site is still there for them to explore. Learn More

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