Get familiar with Textpattern CMS `section` and `section_list` tags

admin-ajaxFor the fifth and final part of this series on Textpattern navigational tag specifics, the time has come to cover a couple of tags that deal with sections, specifically:

  • `section`
  • `section_list`

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Image Sharing Tool for Joomla

“Image hover effects and Social Share” is a plugin that allows to show with a simply hover displays, over the image, a share buttons of the most important social network. In this article I will explain how to install an Image Sharing Tool for Joomla. Learn More

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WordPress: Disable Automatic Updates

There are many reasons you might want to disable automated updates within WordPress. The most obvious would be a heavily customized WordPress installation. Disabling automatic updates will prevent breakage in your system.

In this article I will go through 2 different methods, the first will disable WordPress core updates but still enable your themes/plugins to be updated. The second method will disable all updates (core, theme and plugins).
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