Add a Facebook Share Button to Textpattern CMS Articles


My previous set for articles focused on the in-built RSS and Atom feeds in Textpattern CMS. Article syndication is a venerable technology that’s been around for a bunch of years, and pre-dates the news feed approach that Facebook has become almost synonymous with. There will always be people using RSS and Atom to consume content, but significantly more people use Facebook. Learn More

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Understanding MODX System Events and Plugins

One of the great things about computers is that you can make them do some of the tedious, repetitive, grunt work for you. Say for example, that you want to set a particular TV value for new resources created in a particular folder, but only if certain other conditions are true. If it weren’t for the other conditions, you could use Form Customization, but once you introduce anything beyond checking resource field values, Form Customization won’t do it for you. You need a plugin. Learn More

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Partner Sites and De-Branding in ocPortal

debrandingAlthough there haven’t been any new patches recently, I wanted to add a few mini tutorials for ocPortal elements which aren’t really large enough to have their own full tutorial dedicated to them. In this Round up are the ocPortal partner sites feature options & Rebranding your site software.

ocPortal Partner sites Learn More

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