[TomatoCart] Integrate Extra Products Sliders Content Modules into your Store

There is only one products sliders content module in TomatoCart system. You could show new products, best sellers and specials in this module as follow: Learn More

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Fix Database Issues in Joomla

Sometimes one of your Joomla database tables or even your whole Joomla database can become corrupt because of any failure while MySQL was trying to write to a table in your database, or concurrent modifications of the same table by several extensions. You could fix the database. Learn More

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Textpattern CMS Plugins: Introducing rah_change_passwords


If you run a multi-user Textpattern CMS instance, there may be times that you want to enforce a password change on a user account. Typically, the process of changing a password for a user entails the user changing it via the interface, or an administrator triggering a password reset for a given user. When the password is reset, the new password is sent over email and while the ideal world scenario is that the user logs in with the new password and subsequently changes it for security reasons, that will not always be the case. Learn More

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