How to Add New Tabs with Elements in the admin_area of Clip-Bucket v2


Recently I’ve been creating several custom modifications for different clients, and they often ask me to create an area to administer configurations for it or other things. The easiest way for me to create the tab for the mod in the left column, will be shown in this article (Scroll to the bottom to see an image of what I’m talking about). Feel free to comment if you have an optimization for my method. Works for the Clip-Bucket v2 branch.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open left_menu.html, located in ./admin_area/styles/cbv2/layout/* Learn More

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nopCommerce Tips: Matching Your Mobile Theme with Your Site Theme

nopCommerce introduced native mobile support with the advent of version 2.4; with an ever-increasing percentage of mobile users, it’s a great way to optimize your customer base. nopCommerce ships with one mobile skin; however, if you’ve customized the theme for your site, you may wish to update the mobile theme to maintain consistent branding. Today, we’ll cover how to do so.

The nopCommerce mobile theme leverages the  jQueryUI theme, making it a flexible and extensible UI, supported by the majority of modern mobile devices. The folks at jQueryUI have created 24 “standard” UI themes, and also offer the awesome ThemeRoller online application that will allow you to create a custom theme using your own color selections.

You may feel the need to work with your designer on this, but it’s really very easy. If you’ve already got a list of your theme colors in hex (#xxxxxx format), go ahead and open up ThemeRoller and get started. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Who’s Using mojoPortal?

The mojoPortal forums are full of people implementing mojoPortal for personal and professional sites; it’s one of the most popular downloads on the Microsoft Web Gallery – but where are these sites? I’ve compiled a list of my favorites from the mojoPortal site.

mojoPortal is a favorite of many non-profits and municipal agencies. Two outstanding examples are the Minneapolis/St. Paul Transit and the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

From sea to shining sea: the City of Escondido, California to Gaffney, South Carolina appreciate the value and versatility of mojoPortal. Doctors like the Pediatric Center of Las Colinas use it to communicate with their patients; sites like LiveMind use it to offer online classes for a wide range of topics. The community of Cypress-Fairbanks is served by mojoPortal through Simply Cy-Fair, which includes job listings and other community service offerings. Even the world of health and beauty leverages mojoPortal, as seen at Jeffrey James Organics. Learn More

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