How to Change the Language in WordPress

WordPress has one of the largest if not the largest communities in the world of CMS applications. This community has translated WordPress into many languages. You can easily change the default language of your installation.

To change the WordPress back and frontend language, open the wp-config.php file in your root folder. In it locate the following line: Learn More

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Order Printing Not Working in the TomatoCart Admin Panel

As soon as an order is made at store front, either pending or completed, TomatoCart makes a record at the admin panel, under Customers>Orders. For each order, there is a “Print Order” icon. Click it and a new tab/window pops up with order information such as shipping address, order date and ID, product name, quantity ordered, price, shipping fee and costs. Hovering on this page, you will see Adobe Reader toolbar rightly with the print icon.

What if you don’t see all the above? Have you ever run into the page with the URL: Learn More

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How to Create Categories and Tags on WordPress

Adding categories and tags to posts and pages is completely optional.

Categories allow the broad grouping of posts topics when you want to describe a post. But when you want to describe a post in more specific terms, you would have to use or add more categories, or you can start adding tags.
To add categories that pertain to your post, scroll down on the “Write Post” page and click the “Add New Category” link under the “Categories” section which will then introduce a type and drop down box, along with an “Add” button. From there, start introducing categories for your post. For example, if you were writing a post entitled “Our Thanksgiving Dinner,” you may file it under the “Dinner” category. Learn More

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