How to Protect Your WordPress

As many users are probably aware, WordPress is one of the premier open source blog software available on the internet. It has gone far beyond the standard weblog and is now an excellent foundation for just about any type of website. However, the internet itself is fraught with inherent dangers which leave users open to attack by unscrupulous hackers.

It must be understood that it is impossible to prevent every attack, but there are many steps that can be taken to protect WordPress users and their websites. WordPress users have found the software to be highly configurable with an excellent support community available. Because of these features, users can expect considerable levels of security by adhering to the following recommendations outlined below.

How Your WordPress Blog is Affected Learn More

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How to Create Sub Groups in Elgg 1.8

The Groups plugin is a nice elgg feature that comes with elgg by default. However there has been a need of having groups inside of the groups (sub groups) to make the groups plugin behave like a forum. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to create sub groups in elgg 1.8

1. Download the community plugin “AU Subgroups for Elgg 1.8

2. After downloading the plugin, upload the plugin to the mod folder. If you don’t know how to do that, please read this article

3. Login on your Elgg network as an Administration and go to the Administration Dashboard: Learn More

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How to Create a Gallery with Thumbnails in Silex

Create a gallery by using Oof components!

We saw that you can create a gallery easily by using the Simple gallery plugin.

Here we are going to create a gallery with a function that you can’t have with the simple gallery plugin: the thumbnails of your pictures. Learn More

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