How to Add Default Documents Using WebsitePanel

Websites loads as per the default document file name set inside the server. These file names are added/modified using IIS. In a shared hosting scenario, access to IIS on the server is not allowed. However, WebsitePanel provides an ability to add default documents from within the interface. Moreover, you can also update and delete them. Learn More

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Moving WordPress From A Subdirectory

Wordpress Dashboard > Settings > GeneralMany people install WordPress as a “test” in a subdirectory off of their root web directory.  Like  This allows them to keep their main site up while they develop and test the WordPress installation. Learn More

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Make A Social Network With SocialEngine

A social network is a map of relationships between individuals. Add a laptop, internet connection and some great user experience, and you have an on-line network where people can interact and connect to one another in meaningful ways using standard, modern features like instant messaging, video chatting, tweeting, commenting, and of course, Photo Sharing. So how does one make a social network? Learn More

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