Analyzing SQL Tables for Defragmented Issues

Every once in a while it is a good idea to re-index / re-organize your SQL server tables, but if you are having a problem with a particular table then you may want to track the degree of your defragmented indexes.

Using this small snippet of code below can show you if you are having some issues. Learn More

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UPS Shipping Module Based On New UPS Rating Packaging API

The original UPS shipping module in the TomatoCart v1 is not usable because UPS had updated their web service API. It is impossible to get the correct rating from UPS via the original module. So, the code for UPS shipping module has been totally updated by me. It works normally now. Learn More

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Converting C+ to VB and Back Again

In the continuing series of articles that I have been writing in support of “Issues when trying to use multipart-form data with Jquery AJAX forms”, I wanted to address the challenges of using online code samples. I am a strong proponent of not typing code if I don’t have to. There are a lot of great sites out there that provide code snippets that can be used over and over again. Sites like this one or this one can be tremendous asset to any developer. Learn More

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